World has been dealing with many issues such as poverty, mental problems, Covid-19 and many different difficulties. Infinity Tokenomics is a humanitarian project which provides solution for stuffs mentioned above. Our roadmap is flexible and we welcome new ideas and different cooperation’s.

In the first part we are going to build our own charity and develop it as a result we can help the children’s who need, directly by INFINITY CHARITY. The main focus is on children under 16 years that they are suffering from COVID-19, charity will support them as well they will get healthy again! On our web there is a target to be reached and the main idea has been written in front of it so infinity community will be able to participate in and donate the community wallet for the thing we will do mostly contains childes and people who need money and we will gather reports from those who need our help. the topic for help has been discussed by INYT Token holders which can vote for daily events.

After all Infinity world would be a streaming platform the thing makes us unique is our exclusive therapy tracks, our own shop in which artists are able to sell their products with crypto and also, they can upload they’re NFT on our web for sale we will have live concert and many different events that they should be decided by INYT holders. Totally we are a community Token powered by “PLUG WORLD”. Our streaming platform has different subscriptions Monthly/free mode that in free mode you can’t skip the tracks hopefully we don’t have any ADS😊

Finally we will work on green energy and scientific works and we will invest on them so that we will have a form for different projects to introduce themselves to us so that we can cooperate with them.

POWERED BY #PlugWorld🌎

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Charity Token — Contributing to children in need of toys and medical assistance in 🇬🇧 Twitter:

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Infinity Tokenomics2

Infinity Tokenomics2

Charity Token — Contributing to children in need of toys and medical assistance in 🇬🇧 Twitter:

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